How to get Modern Family on Netflix!


A lot of Netflix users might realize that their Netflix does not have the best show EVER, which is Modern Family of course! But there is good news, you can actually get Modern Family on Netflix using your same Netflix subscription! Here’s how:

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Why doesn’t Netflix have Modern Family?

So, in each country, Netflix has different “agreements” for the type of content they have. The Netflix you see in America will be different from the Netflix you see if you were in the United Kingdom. This all has to do with boring distribution deals with the production companies who own the actual content.

How do I get Modern Family on my Netflix?

It’s pretty simple! Just get set up with our free trial (and don’t worry, you don’t need to enter any billing stuff) and set up your device! You can set up on computer, phones, tablets, consoles….it’s up to you!


Get Started with a Free Trial!

Once you get your device set up, you can start switching countries! For Modern Family, you will need to switch your country region to Germany. After switching, it’s as simple as heading to Netflix and you will notice that Modern Family is now there!

How does it work?

Let’s say that you have a Netflix account in America and go on a trip to the U.K – once you logged into Netflix there, you would see that there are different movies and shows than back in America. Our service pretty much tricks your device into thinking it is in another country, allowing you to access all the various content from each country!


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