Free American DNS Codes!


Tired of looking all over the internet for some American DNS codes only to have to change them like a week later? Well we have some good news for you!

Flixswitch is giving away it’s American DNS codes for FREE!

That’s right! Flixswitch is providing it’s DNS codes that allow you to get American Netflix as well as many more Netflix countries with just the click of a button. You will never have to edit your DNS settings again! Flixswitch does plan to become a paid service down the road but, for now, we have decided to provide users free account while we are in Beta still.

First, you just need to create a free account with Flixswitch or else the numbers below will NOT work.


Get Started with a Free Trial!


After you create an account, there will be setup guides for each device. If you already know how to change the DNS numbers then you can just go ahead and copy and paste these.



Why do I have to create an account?

The way our system is setup, the DNS numbers will not work for someone who does not have an account with us. Once you create an account, our system will get your IP address and allow that IP address to use these DNS numbers. But don’t worry, we don’t log anything! You won’t have to enter any payment information and you can cancel your account at anytime – you will just have to take out the numbers after.

Why are you just giving it our for free? What’s the catch?

The only catch is that we will eventually become a paid service but while we are still in Beta, we want to get as many users on our platform while we work out all the kinks! The more users we have, the more suggestions we can get on how to make our service better.

What happens once you become a paid service?

Once we go live and become a paid service, we will give everyone using our DNS 1 week to keep using it for free. After that the DNS settings will stop working and you will need to take out our DNS numbers to go back to your old Netflix. However, if you decide you want to keep using our service, you can turn your account into a free account and keep switching Netflix!

How much will this cost once you go paid?

We haven’t really decided this yet. Most services like our are around $5/month but we expected to be a lot cheap than that. So don’t worry, it won’t break the bank!

I can find free DNS numbers online, why should I pay for DNS?

Putting random DNS numbers that you find online can be very dangerous as you have no idea who owns them. Not to mention, a lot of times you put in a random DNS number and it doesn’t work or will stop working after a week or two. AND you only get directed to one particular Netflix region!

With Flixswitch, you put in one set of DNS numbers and you will never have to touch them again! You will be able to switch Netflix regions with our Flixswitcher and you will be instantly switched to that region!